Halloween Lamp Post Decorating Festival

Halloween 2014
Help give Main Street a Halloween hometown feels…

Riverhead Main Street will hold its Holiday lamp post decorating contest this Halloween. The contest is open to all local businesses, residents and organizations. Lamp posts are available along E & W Main Street. Your lamp post will be voted on by the community.

Voting begins 10/31/2014 and ends 11/2/14 winners will be announced the week of November 10, 2014. 1st place gets name on plaque and can display it in their business and bragging rights.

The rules are simple:

  • Select your lamp post and design concept encompassing any Halloween or Fall theme
  • Please use zip ties to use to attach decorations to lamp posts, please do not use wire or tape
  • Main Street merchants have first right of refusal to use lamp post in front of their store
  • Decorations can reach to 8’ high but no more than 6”to 8” out from base of pole
  • The BID reserves right to remove display if it is not taken care of or falls apart
  • The BID to supply a laminated sign with business name for each lamp post, do not attach your decorations to this sign
  • Lamp post must be put up between 10/22 and 10/28 and removed between 11/8 & 11/11 NO EXCEPTIONS.
  • Merchant is responsible for purchasing and maintaining the decorations
  • The BID will advertise the contest rules to the community
  • Voting ballots will be available in downtown participating businesses only and will be provided by the BID.

Each business with ballots and boxes are responsible to give ballots to their customers and accept them when filled out, they will be picked up on or about Nov 3rd.

*Riverhead BID reserves the right to reassign lamp posts, deny inappropriate submissions and to remove any decorations that are not being maintained.

For more information please contact Bill Allan (Minuteman Press) 631-369-8700

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