Cardboard Boat Race

The 2016 Cardboard Boat race has been postponed until further notice.


• Cardboard and duct tape only. • Any corrugated cardboard. • Any water base glue, no epoxy or two part glue. • Any brand of duct tape, no metallic or shipping tape. • No mechanical propulsion of any kind. • No wax covered cardboard. • No wood, metal or wax. • No plastic of any kind. • No sonic tubes. • No weather sealed cardboard • No epoxy paint or varnishes of any kind. LATEX PAINTS ONLY. • Props and decorations are permitted as long as they don’t add to the stability or buoyancy of the craft. (Discretion of event officials.) • Crafts may be painted and lettered. • One one-sided paddle of any material per occupant. • All boats will be inspected before the event and winning boats will be inspected after the even. • No shrink wrap • No double ended (kayak) paddles. • Barge boats must be at least 32 sq. feet • Each boat may only be registered in one race

HAVE FUN!!!!!!!!

Cardboard Boat Race Safety Rules

• All participants must wear an approved personal flotation device (life jacket) at all times. • All participants must abide by all rules and direction of event officials. All determinations are final. • No craft, determined by event officials deemed to be unsafe will be allowed to compete. • All craft must be open for easy access in the event of sinking or capsize. • All safety items will be in force at all times. • Boats should be free of sharp edges. • All boats must have a name. • No bare feet

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Last year’s winners!  (Video courtesy of Riverhead Local. See list of winners here.)